The Supplier and Partnership Marketplace (BSTP) is a non-profit organization
composed of the government, private sector, capacity building bodies and development
partners. Its ultimate goal is to maximize the economic and social benefits of large
investments by creating an inclusive economic growth.

The BSTP is an online platform created to bring businesses together and facilitate the
creation of partnerships between companies and local suppliers operating across

  1. Mettre à la disposition des entreprises locales et étrangères des informations sur les appels d'offres, les produits et services et les divers programmes de renforcement des capacités disponibles sur le marché
  2. Mettre en relation les investisseurs, les partenaires au développement et autres acteurs du système économique aux entreprises et aux PMEs locales
  3. Organiser et animer des sessions de formation pour les PMEs locales
  4. Faciliter l'accès des PMEs locales aux prêts bancaires et aux programmes de financement de nos organismes de soutien

Suppliers access the platform to help grow your business

The BSTP allows local suppliers to be more visible while receiving instant access to tenders, training and financing opportunities available on the market.
Local suppliers are able to promote their products, services, references and standards on the platform bringing them more visibility and making it easier to partner with big international and local companies.

Furthermore, gain access to the BSTP resources to further learn how to become more competitive and do business with the big companies.

The right local business partner for international and local big companies

Buyers have access to validated local suppliers across various sectors.
Suppliers can be filtered based on products and services offered, ratings, location, references and other.

As a buyer reduce the time, cost and effort associated with finding the right supplier for your tenders. Source your products and services locally to demonstrate your commitment to local content.

Those who join the BSTP as buyers and use the platform receive frequent reports on their socio-economic impact in terms of value of contracts retained in country, quantified impact on the local economy and number of jobs supported locally.

Buyers and Partners